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shipping container house plans cheap

If you are looking for cheap shipping container home plans then look no further. These digital plans plus the FREE bonus materials are available online –  instant download for $47 from the official website.

Discover what you get in this affordable package read on for details.

Shipping container homes can be as simple or luxurious as you’d like. Best of all these container homes are cheap when compared to other forms of homes.

Immediate Access

Since this is a digital product you get immediate access to all of the information. This way you can start looking at the how to for building a container home. Easy access from the comfort of your home or taking a break in work. Just $47 Get started today!

Step By Step Guide to Build Your Shipping Container Home

What’s Included in Shipping Container (Online Access)

cheap shipping container home plans bonus

Main Product 


Bonus Material

4. MY FIRST CONTAINER HOME + SPECIAL FREE BONUS: Home Interior Design Planner Application

With this package, you will own 4 AMAZING BOOKS containing information gathered in years of experience and hard work.

Just imagine the time we spent for not only finding and gathering all of these information together, but for testing and improving them!

You can build your own container home, or even you can start your own container home construction business.
We have spent years to gather all these information. We guarantee this package will save you a lot of time, a lot of headaches and a lot of money!

What we are offering is all the information we have learned from years of experience and hard work, plus many readily made projects, plans and designs, all in one place.

Moreover you will have life-time updates for FREE!

When you start building your own container home, you will see that this package worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Blocks Container Structures is changing the game with affordable and durable structures perfect for personal homes.

We use durable Sea Cans to create incredible structures, designed and finished exactly to your needs.

shipping container house plans

Shipping Container Cheap Home Plans

Blocks container structures are changing the the way people design a home. These affordable and durable structures are perfect for creating personal homes, commercial buildings and meeting our living needs.

Sea containers aka sea cans/shipping boxes create incredible structures. You can design and finish them inside and out to get the look you want.

Why Use Sea Cans to Build a Home?

Modular container structures are growing in demand as consumers look for alternative construction methods that are sustainable and affordable.

The modular shipping container structures answer this demand and provide a unique home/building completely customized to your needs.

Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

There are many! Some of the benefits include the fact that shipping containers are sustainable, impervious to water, insects, rodents, mildew and fire, incredibly strong, less expensive, easy to expand, and they can reduce construction time by up to 40%.

Green Architecture

Using one or multiple shipping containers to build with is an excellent method of reusing. It is inexpensive, it’s efficient, and it’s eco-friendly.

When you turn a used shipping container into a home, you’re helping contribute to the betterment of the world.

Strong and Nature Resilient

Another very powerful incentive for creating your home from shipping containers is strength. Your home will be made from steel!

Containers are made to endure extreme loads and heavy wear and tear. If designed properly, a container home is earthquake proof, tornado proof, fire proof, termite proof, flood resistant, “nature proof”.

Why Use Blocks Container Structures?

Blocks Container Structures are leaders in Sea Can home building. Our team has the proven knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process of building a shipping container home and ensure it’s built right.

Where to Buy Shipping Containers to Build Your Home

How to Acquire Shipping Containers

Obviously, you can’t run up to your local home improvement store and order however many shipping containers you’d like to have. Though they are plentiful, you have to know where you can get them.

Shipping containers come in various sizes so placing an order to meet your homes plans make sense. These containers are available across the USA, Canada, UK and across the globe.

As part of the club you will login to learn where you can get access to shipping containers near you.

Refurbished Containers

But another thing that can affect the cost is whether or not the container is refurbished or insulated. Some companies will charge more for high cube containers – but not all of them will.

Buying the biggest container at a decent price will allow you to save money to be able to customize your purchase. Make sure that you look for places that sell after market containers.

This means the container is no longer used for the company’s shipping purposes and has been retired. Many of these containers will have been in use about ten years.

Regulations on Buying

Shipping companies have limits and regulations they have to follow for pulling containers out of service but these containers are still viable home options for savvy buyers.

Some containers are offered at great prices at auction sites, both local and online. You can bid on the containers as they come available. Some trucking companies have containers they will sell.

How to Buy the Best Containers Cheap – lingo

Pay attention to certain code words that are used. For example, “one-trip” means the container was used to make a trip to another country. Sometimes, these containers are not reused for other purposes but sometimes they are.

You can find the containers at local container companies in your area by simply doing a search online. Put in the phrase “shipping container sales” or “buy a shipping container.”

shipping container house plans

What You Can and Can’t Do With a Shipping Container Home

Using a shipping container home is a wise investment, but there are some limitations to using these homes. So its crucial to get information on how to build your shipping container safely.

Personal Homes

Container homes are built as simple or luxurious as you like. The can be a small or span thousands of living area when depending on your living needs.

Preppers and Survival

These tough containers are utilized for survival homes for preppers. Some even partially bury them to blend into the landscape and extra protection from the elements.

This typically require retrofitting to strengthen the sides to keep the pressure off the walls.


Additional storage is easy. These store container can be used form garden tools, to cars and everything in between.

What Is In the Program

You get immediate access to hours of material giving all you need to build a shipping container home.

Besides shipping container home plans you get what’s in the below image and much more.

What is the Cost

At the time of writing this the entire program is just $47. It’s am amazing value as the shipping container program is packed with information on how to build your home.


And, yes there is a 60 day money back guarantee. Though I doubt you will want to part with this premium information.

Concluding Cheap Shipping Container Home Plans Online

If you are considering building a container home, to live life on your terms, then get immediate access and get cheap shipping container homes online.

For one low cost you will know the exact steps to making a dream come true. A place of your own!


cheap shipping container home plans


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